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Sandblasted Glass   

The design you desire can be translated onto glass via the technique of sandblasting. After glass is covered with stencil, a fine abrasive blasted at high pressure produces tiny pits that obscure, or “snow” areas left uncovered by the stencil.  Modulating the speed and angle of the blast creates variations in the degree of obscurity.  The interplay of transparent and varying degrees of semi-opaque glass enables effects of subtle or dramatic beauty.

Sandblasted glass can bring distinction to any room.  Front door panels elegantly announce your design aesthetic. Room dividers of sandblasted glass can be works of art. Kitchen backsplashes afford opportunities for creating a unique look. In the home office, cabinets faced in sandblasted glass confer a look of cool efficiency.

The privacy and translucency afforded by sandblasted glass make it a natural for bathrooms.  A popular architectural use is for shower surrounds and panels secluding toilets from bathing and grooming spaces.

Loved for its looks, sandblasting also has a practical side. Fingerprints and smudges show up less on frosted glass than they do on clear glass. In shower enclosures, water spots are less obvious on glass that’s sandblasted instead of clear.

At Franciscan Glass Company, we work with artisans to have your design captured on high-quality glass, which we then install in your home.  We’re happy to discuss your ideas with you and recommend designers skilled in developing stencils appropriate for sandblasting.





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