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Glass Handrail and Guardrail Systems

Among the most popular choices for handrail or guardrail systems for interior and exterior stairs and balconies is tempered glass.  And for good reason!  It can satisfy architectural and safety building requirements without sacrificing aesthetic considerations.  

Today, glass handrail systems offer design possibilities unknown even a decade ago.  Various types of tempered glass can be used in such systems. The glass itself can be tinted, etched, or sandblasted.  It can be paired with new synthetic materials as well as with plastic or metal railings.

Handrail glass can even be lighted to enhance security and safety while creating effects that are truly stunning.   LED lights embedded in railings heighten visibility and, since they are available in many colors, can create captivating ribbons of colored light.


Custom Handrail

Elegant Glass Stairway Handrail Systems

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