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Frameless Shower Glass Enclosures 


Frameless glass enclosures once graced only residences of the very rich.  Advances in manufacturing technology have made their elegance far more affordable.  As with other applications in glass, options abound. 

Enclosures can feature a door, or doors, to partition the shower from the rest of a room or can consist solely of a fixed panel.  Glass, which is always tempered for strength and safety, can be clear, or crystal clear to eliminate the greenish cast of natural glass; tinted; or obscured, with scores of patterns to choose from. Enclosure glass can also feature decorative etching, with a design chosen from hundreds available or custom designed to your exact wishes.

Eliminating the metal shower frame focuses attention on the metal used for handles and hinges.  Available in polished chrome, golden brass, brushed nickel, and other finishes, they can match or contrast with your bathroom fixtures.

An imaginatively designed and flawlessly installed frameless shower enclosure confers a look of luxury in even tiny bathrooms.  In spacious master bathrooms, it is virtually a requirement!

For decades, Franciscan Glass Company has been custom designing, building, and installing frameless shower glass enclosures. If you’re planning your dream house or updating an existing bathroom, we invite you to visit our showroom.  We’d be delighted to show you how frameless shower enclosures can make it special.

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