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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors have many roles to play in today’s homes that extend well beyond letting you see yourself to shave or apply cosmetics. More than any single design element, mirrors are magical!



By capturing available light and reflecting it back into an interior space, they magnify existing illumination beautifully—while conserving energy. Mirrors are a strategic solution for sucking light into dark spaces.  Captured reflections can also double the visual pleasure of works of art or views of nature. Proper positioning of mirrors will frame a painting, sculpture, interesting plant, gorgeous floral arrangement, or view of your garden. Mirrors can enhance the feng shui of almost every room in the home.

The power of mirrors to create the illusion of space seems magical.  Mirrored walls visually enlarge small rooms and make large rooms seem even more spacious.  Wherever they are—on walls, doors, inside cabinets, as kitchen or bar backsplashes—mirrors add sparkle and elegance.

Of course, mirrors can be tinted, etched, with or without beveled edges, installed flat on walls or framed in a style that suits your décor. Cut-outs allow for wiring light fixtures. At Franciscan Glass Company, we’re pleased to discuss your decorating concerns and how custom mirrors might address them.  For more than four decades, we have designed, custom cut, and installed mirrors to bring beauty to the home.

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