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Heavy Obscurity Cabinet and Door Glass


Cabinet and Door Glass displayed and labeled as
Common name, Stock Number, maximum dimensions and whether it is temperable

BAMBUS, HA-BAM, 63x100in, Temperable


Chinchilla, HG-CHIN, 64x84in, Temperable

Chord, S-100C, 24x48in
No Glass
Crocodile, HV-CRO, 65x85in, Temperable
Cross reed, HA-halfX, 72x100in, Temperable
No Glass
Crystal ice, S-100GG, 24x48in
Delta frost, CT-DELTAFR, 64x84in, Temperable
Double glue chip, 3CDGC, 48x84in, Temperable
Flemish, HP-MIN, 52x84in, Temperable
No Glass
Granite, S-100G, 24x48in
Narrow reed, HP-N, 60x84in, Temperable
No Glass
Quarter reed, S-100QR, 24x48in
Reeded with lines, HV-157, 65x85in, Temperable

Reeded, CT-REY, 65x85in, Temperable
Reeded, HA-156, 65x85in, Temperable 

No Glass

Ripple, S-100R, 24x48in

Screen, CT-015, 65x85in, Temperable
No Glass

Square pyramid point, HV-155, 65x85in, Tempera


Treebark, HP-COT, 52x84in, Temperable


No Glass

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