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Cabinet and Door Glass

Cabinets don’t just provide storage space; they make a design statement. And glass doors offer degrees of privacy, beyond open or closed.

Glass is a top choice for cabinets in the kitchen, dining room, living room, bath, and home office; for entertainment centers and bars; and for door panels throughout a home.
  No Glass
  Light Obscurity
Clear glass is the choice for displaying cabinet contents. Beveled edges add sparkle, and decorative etching can complement any design aesthetic, from Victorian through Art Nouveau and Art Deco, from antique to contemporary.  Art glass inserts provide pops of color.

Translucent glass, which can be tinted and/or patterned, hints at cabinet contents while offering surfaces that are visually serene.

  Medium Obscurity
  Heavy Obscurity
When you prefer cabinet contents hidden from view, your choices for textured, tinted, back-painted, patterned, and art glass inserts are almost endless. 

At Franciscan Glass Company, we can suggest cabinet glass possibilities and show you samples from the hundreds we have on hand.  We can help you choose from hundreds of options from domestic and imported quality glass manufacturers or arrange for custom designs created by skilled artisans. 


With over 60 types in inventory, Franciscan Glass is your local source for new or replacement cabinet glass

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