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Back-Painted Glass

If an ordinary glass could be anything it wanted when it grew up, what would it be?  Back-Painted!

No other material natural or man-made gives a surface the brilliance of back-painted glass, which reflects light. Non-porous and resistant to moisture, it easily wipes clean of spatters, making it ideal for kitchen, bar, and bathroom back splashes; countertops and tabletops; and room dividers. 

Back-painted glass instantly sets a mood. Your color choices are virtually limitless, ranging from the ethereal to the richly saturated. Its sleek surface and inner radiance make back-painted glass a perfect backdrop: it unifies a space visually without being bland.

Back-painted glass is painted on one side, sealed and, finally, protected on the outer surface with a transparent mask. To prevent color distortion and let true color shine through, we use low-iron glass.  We can temper or laminate the glass to meet building safety standards and custom cut it to suit your application.

When you want sophisticated glamour and easy maintenance, consider back-painted glass.  And drop by our showroom to see some examples that are drop-dead gorgeous!


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