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Glass Store Fronts and Curtain Walls

Starbucks Coffee Store Front 

Glass offers an ideal high-visibility store front, intriguing passersby with displays of merchandise or glimpses of patrons enjoyed services offered within. Seeing restaurant patrons dining with gusto is a great argument for joining them!  And glass windows are the reason “window shopping” is a favorite pastime.

Curtain walls bring the outside indoors, affording beautiful views and admitting natural light that conserves energy while providing protection from the elements. Architects increasingly opt for curtain walls to showcase exciting city views or the serenity or sublimity of Nature.

For both glass storefronts and curtain walls, we at Franciscan Glass Company provide expert guidance in selecting the options that best meet your needs from the nearly overwhelming choices that are available.   

For example, glass offers varying levels of energy efficiency to maintain comfortable interior temperature by reducing summer warming and winter heat loss. It also offers varying levels of reduction in ultraviolet (UC) rays to guard against sun damage to delicate fabrics, wood, and works of art.  Glass can be tinted to varying degrees of opacity to heighten architectural design. And it can even receive a patterned coating imperceptible to the human eye but visible to birds that makes them less likely to crash against it.

For new construction, remodels, or tenant improvement scenarios, Franciscan Glass Company:

  • Designs and builds store fronts and curtain walls
  • Builds store fronts and curtain walls to your existing specifications

The possibilities for store fronts and curtain walls become more exciting all the time.  We invite you to discuss your needs with us.

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