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Handrail Systems  

At Franciscan Glass Company, we are pleased to show you handrail and guardrail systems that we have designed and installed.

We will design and install one to meet your needs or fabricate and install one to your existing specifications.

Handrail and guardrail systems provide barriers that address safety concerns in many types of commercial buildings.  Today’s wealth of options for creating such systems allows them not only to satisfy functional criteria but also to complement every style of architecture and interior design.

The use of glass in handrails and guardrails is ideal for barriers.  In addition to providing strength, it affords transparency. Enabling mall visitors on elevated walkways to look across an atrium and glimpse retailers from top to bottom and check out shops on other levels creates an inviting shopping ambiance conducive to increasing purchases.

Since handrail and guardrail systems are so highly visible, they offer a unique opportunity for reinforcing a building’s aesthetic.  The glass can be tinted, textured, back painted, sandblasted, patterned, and lighted. Imaginative pairings of glass, plastic, metal, and wood offer attractive possibilities that are virtually unlimited.  Whether such systems are subtle or showy, they can play a key role in creating a distinctive look.

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