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Franciscan Glass Caters to Architects and Contractors

Architects increasingly turn to today’s unprecedented choices in glass technology to satisfy aesthetic and energy-conservation criteria. 

Franciscan Glass Company’s courteous service may be old-fashioned, but we keep up-to-date on innovation in glass. We work with leading processors to provide high-specification glass to satisfy interior and exterior architectural design requirements. Our familiarity with vendors lets us identify solutions that cost-effectively satisfy design criteria.  And our relationships with artisans enable us to have custom work executed to high standards at reasonable cost.

High specification glass can be supplied and processed to meet any design requirements.

Contractors depend on getting manufactured products such as glass and handrails in a timely manner that lets them meet their budgets and building schedules. 

Francisco Glass Company recognizes that his means not only on-time product availability or delivery to the jobsite but also glass that’s ready to install—made to exact specifications, compliant with all safety and building regulations, and completely free from blemishes or defects. That’s the kind of glass we’ve assured contractors for over 40 years—and the reason contractors continue to rely on us.

The Franciscan Glass Company specializes in:

Store Fronts & Curtain Walls

Handrail Systems

Tenant Improvements  


Custom Design & Builds


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