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Toyo Supercutters

More than 25 years ago, Glass Accessories International introduced the Original Supercutter, the first of a new generation of self-oiling professional glass cutters.  Radically new in design, the Supercutter utilized revolutionary cutting wheel technology developed by Toyo in Japan.  This tool offered the advantage of an incomparable wheel life plus patented oil-feed system for a cleaner score.

As acceptance grew and with feedback from those who used the Supercutter, Toyo and Glass Accessories developed a series of unique and innovative handle designs and performance improvements.  Today, there are Supercutter models to fit every individual requirement from the beginner to the professional, plus accessories and replacement cutting heads and wheels for every tool.
Franciscan Glass offers several high quality glass cutting devices in stock.

Toyo Super Cutter

Brass Pencil Grip


Toyo Super Cutter

Acrylic Pencil Grip


 Toyo Super Cutter

Colored Acrylic with

Custom Grip


Toyo Super Cutter

Colored Acrylic with

Pistol Grip



Toyo Super Cutter

Colored Acrylic with

Comfort Grip



Toyo Super Cutter

Colored Acrylic with

Thomas Grip


Toyo Replacement Cutting Heads

Standard replacement heads are available for all Supercutter models.  Styles include Pattern Heads for intricate work, Wide Heads for use with straight edge guide, and Tap Wheel Technology Heads for glass up to ¾” in thickness.


Toyo Super Cutter
Replacement Head
For Pattern Cutting


Fits SC-1, SC-3, SC-6C
SC-7C & SC-8C

 Toyo Super Cutter
Replacement Head
With Tap Wheel


Fits SC-5C only

Toyo Super Cutter
Replacement Head
For Straight  Cutting


Fits SC-1, SC-3, SC-6C
SC-7C & SC-8C

  Toyo Super Cutter
Replacement Head
For Straight  Cutting on Thick Glass


Fits SC-1, SC-3, SC-6C
SC-7C & SC-8C

Fletcher-Terry Gold Tip Designer II Glass Cutters

 Features FiberLock, anti-leak, fluid dispensing value that lays down a perfect bead of cutting fluid as you score
 Each hand-held version comes with a 140° tungsten carbide cutting wheel and the option for fixed or swivel head scoring
 Solid brass and plastic contour handle cutters include a tapping ball for easy break-out of glass.



Designer II Solid Brass or
Plastic Pencil Grip Cutter

Part#            Description
FT-711          Plastic Barrel
FT-713          Brass Barrel


Designer II Plastic Handle Pistol Grip Cutter

Part #FT-714

Replacement Cutting Heads for Designer II Cutters


Narrow Head for Pattern Cutting

Part #                   Description
FT-03-712             For stained glass
   Wide Head for Straight Edge

Part #            Description
FT-03-711      For stained glass
FT-03-713          For plate glass


Fletcher-Terry Scoremaster Cutters

Fletcher Scoremaster I Cutter

A dry cutting glass cutter that can be dipped into oil for smoother cutting & longer wheel life. Comfortable contour handle. 140° tungsten carbide cutting wheel.

  Fletcher Scoremaster II Cutter

Features an oil dispensing system that produces a continuous, even flow of oil along the score line. Comfortable contour handle. 140° tungsten carbide cutting wheel.

Replacement Cutting Heads for Scoremaster Cutters

 Narrow Head for Pattern Cutting

Part #               Description
SCM-701           For stained glass
SCM-703           For plate glass
  Wide Head for Straight Edge

Part #SCM-706    For plate glass

Fletcher-Terry Gold Tip Cutters

 Cast from superior grade metal alloys
 Features "Classic" contoured comfort grip handle in straight or ball end handle styles
 Cutting wheel come in a variety of angles for cutting all types of glass

 Steel Wheel Cutters

Part #                    Description
02                          For plate glass
07                       For stained glass
  Carbide Wheel Cutter

Part #CA9         For stained glass

Fletcher-Terry Circle Mate II Circle and Strip Cutter Circle Mate II


 Scores glass circles from 3" (76mm) to 72" (1829mm)
 Adheres to glass surface with a non-slip suction grip
 Equipped with three-wheel steel cutting turret
 Comes with straight edge strip cutter attachment for straight-line cutting
 Perfect for scoring flat or textured, stained glass


Circle Mate II Circle & Strip Cutter
Part #CM-2
Replacement Parts & Accessories

Part #
3 Wheel Replacement Turret
6 Wheel Replacement Turret
Extension Arm for up to 48” Circles
Extension Arm for up to 72” Circles

Glastar Circle & Strip Cutter

Takes hours off the tedious task of cutting the same size glass. Use it to cut borders, rectangles, squares, diamonds-even trapezoids. Calibrated T-bar cuts strips from 1/2" to 12" wide.
The Circle Cutter scores perfect circles from 3" to 25" in diameter. Turret contains six high-quality cutting wheels. replacement turrets available.

Circle & Strip Cutter
Part #3016
6 Wheel Replacement Turret
Part #3016A

Creators Stained Glass CirclePro 12

Creator's Stained Glass has now introduced a free-standing Circle Pro 12™ glass cutter. With the new Circle Pro 12™ you can now cut cirlces from 3/8" up to 12" in diameter without owning a Cutters Mate glass cutter. The Circle Pro 12™ includes a single section of Waffle Grid for it to stand on and for you to cut your circles on. The lower arm of the cutter scores the glass while you turn the upper arm. The glass is stabilized by Friction Pads embedded in the surface and prevents the glass from sliding while being scored.


Part #CSG-CP12
Replacement Cutting Head
Part #SC-1A


Inland Craft Circle & Strip Cutter

The Inland Strip/Circle Maker™ is the fast and easy way to make accurate straight line cuts, create duplicate strips, and make perfect circles every time. Because it can be used with glass cutters, razor knives, and marking pens and pencils, the Strip/Circle Maker™ is the perfect design and construction tool for all of your hobby needs.
Key Features
• Designed to hold all glass cutters, razor knives, marking pens and pencils, scribes, and more for a versatile cutting, layout, and design tool.
• Rigid solid brass measuring bar with precise laser engraved markings gives you accurate measurements to the 1/16 inch. Also calibrated with metric engravings accurate to 1 mm.
• Strip base, circle base, and utility holder are high-impact plastics for accuracy and longer life. Unique strip base design works on raised edge work surfaces or lets you use the edge of the material as your guide.
• The special open designed tripod circle making base makes it easy to see and center your circle.
• Floating action of circle base means better, cleaner scores on uneven surfaces such as tile, stone or art glass.
• Non-skid pads on the circle base keep it securely in place while marking/scoring.
• Cuts uniform strips 5/16" (0.8 cm) to 11 1/4" (28.5 cm) wide. Perfect for panel and lamp borders, box parts, lamps, and mosaics.
• Cuts uniform circles from 3" (7.6 cm) to 24 1/2" (62.2 cm) in diameter. Perfect for fusing, slumping, clock faces and bases.


Inland Craft Circle & Strip Cutter
Part #50060

Fletcher-Terry Lens Cutter Lens Cutter

 Scores perfect circles from 1/2" (13mm) to 5" (127mm) in diameter
 Scores regular and stained glass up to 1/4" (6.35mm) thick


Lens Cutter
Part #32
3 Wheel Replacement Turret
Part #3T

Fletcher-Terry Circle/Oval Cutter Oval/Circle Glass Cutter

 Scores oval and circles on flat and stained glass
 Easy-to-operate suction cup that adheres the cutter to the glass securely
 Scale let you set accurate measurements with a turn of a knob
 Adjust offset setting for ovals from 4 1/2" (11.25cm) to 24" (60cm) and offset circles up to 21" (52.5cm) in diameter
 Uses a 134 degree tungsten carbide wheel


Circle/Oval Cutter
Part #FT-05-221
Replacement Head
Part #FT-03-131

Inland Craft ScoreOne

The ScoreOne™ eliminates the four main problems to making the perfect score. You'll get cleaner scores for more accurate breaks with less waste. Cut any shape perfectly when you use the ScoreOne™. 
Key Features
• Maintains optimum 90º cutting angle at all times.
• Maintains consistent scoring pressure from start to finish.
• Eliminates hand and wrist fatigue because you are not constantly gripping a cutting tool.
• Makes it easier to accurately follow pattern lines, reducing waste and grinding time while improving the fit and appearance of your project.
• Start and finish scores closer to the glass edge for cleaner, more accurate breaks.
• One year Warranty.


Part #SCR-1

Inland Craft ScoreOne Circle & Strip Accessory

Designed specifically for use with your ScoreOne™ to make strips and circles without interfering with its normal operation.
Key Features
• Makes straight line cuts and strips from 3/8" to 3" wide.
• Make circles from 1.5" to 13" in diameter.
• Easy to set-up and operate.


Part #SCR-3

Glass Cutting L-Squares &  Guides 



Leponitt Cutting Edge: 18"
An excellent low priced tool for straight cutting. Has butting ledge on bottom to assure a 90 degree score. For right or left hand use. Lightweight, durable plastic with wood-grain finish.
Part #L-18

Leponitt Cutting Edge: 24"
Lightweight, durable, inexpensive plastic “L” square. Has ledge on bottom to assure 90° angle.  Good for either right or left handed artists.

Part #L-24

Leponitt Cutting Edge: 37"
Lightweight, durable, inexpensive plastic “L” square. Has ledge on bottom to assure 90° angle.  Good for either right or left handed artists.

Part #L-37

Made with non-abrasive material that will not scratch glass. Theses squares are perfect for accurately cutting pieces of glass up to 12-1/2" wide. Available in four eye-catching colors.
Part #       Description
L-12         Black
L-12PK      Pink
L-12PR      Purple
L-12TQ      Turquoise
The Rulex™ is a reversible and adjustable ruler for cutting, drawing, and design layout for stained glass artists, commercial glaziers and glass workers, rough and finished carpenters, woodworking hobbyists, model makers, framers, tile installers, counter makers and home do-it-yourselfers.
Key Features
• It is a conventional "T-square" .
• It is a conventional 90º Square.
• Reversible with angle gauge and edge guides on both sides. Quickly find and make opposite angles, duplicate angles, and create common geometric shapes.
• Adjusts from 0º to 135º
• Long16" cutting arms for working with large pieces.
• Can be mounted to work bench or surface.
• A self-storing allen wrench locks Rulex™ in postion.
• Self adhesive grip pads are included to keep it from sliding on smooth surfaces.
• Made in USA.

Part #IA-60518






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