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Cutters Mate

Circle Pro

Strip Pro
Cutter's Mate glides effortlessly across the glass while maintaining a constant 90 degree angle to the surface.  You will experience greater comfort and ease in scoring glass.  The cutting head can be rotated a full 360 degrees, giving you the ability to cut any shape you can draw or trace.  You can even score glass while sitting down!  Great for the beginning and experienced artisan.  Compatible with Morton work surfaces.
 NEW amazing way to cut circles in glass!  Easily attaches to your Cutter’s Mate slide bar.  Scores circles from 1 ½” to 24”.  Ruler that measures in inches and centimeters.  Compatible with Waffle Grid System & Morton gridded work surfaces.  Slide bar sold separate for those who don’t own a Cutter’s Mate.

Part #CSG-CP
Easily attaches to the Cutter’s Mate slide bar for doing production cutting of strips.  With this tool each strip will be exactly straight and perfectly the same each time.  This will save untold amounts of time during assembly.  Slide bar sold separate for those who don’t own a Cutter’s Mate.

Part #CSG-SP

Part #                         Arm Length               Longest Straight Cut
CGS-CM                       16”                           42 ½”
CSG-CM2                      21”                          62 ½


Slide Bar Tool

Circle Pro 12
Purchase this precision slide bar separately to use with the Strip Pro or Circle Pro if you do not own the original Cutter's Mate tool which includes this bar.

Part #CSG-SB23                          23” Slide Bar
Part #CSG-35                              35” Slide Bar
Score circles from 3/8" to 12" with precision and ease. Use the ruler to adjust cutting head for precise circles. Then, just press down on the knob to score. No heavy pressure is needed!  Includes one waffle grid and CSG-10 carbide wheel for perfect scores along with detailed instructions with step-by-step photos. Convenient for your workshop - it sets up in seconds and folds down for storage. Cleanup is a snap with the included Waffle Grid base that traps glass shards and scraps.



Waffle Grid

Introducing The Waffle Grid, an interconnecting grid which allows the user to configure the shape of their work table.  Through its unique design, you can configure around a corner, as a connecting backsplash or even randomly turn up individual grids to have a smooth area amid a pocketed area.  You can even see through it for angle patterns.

Made of high impact Lexan, the surface of the 1/2-inch pockets is rounded smooth to allow your glass to glide.  Want to clean out debris from a section?  Just lift it out... no need to disturb your work surface!

The Waffle Grid comes packaged in a 6-Pack or 2-Pack of 11-1/4" x 11-1/4" grid sections.  Modular design allows you to have one small surface of 11 inches by 11 inches square or a large surface of unlimited size by interconnecting many grids.

Part #WG6        Pack of 6 Grids
Part #WG2        Pack of 2 Grids



Beetle Bits Cutting System

Flying Beetle Cutter
This cutting system will make production work a snap.  The cutting system features a simple set-up with a swiveling quick compass guide, 18" cutting bar ruler for precise cuts, 2 multi-directional glass stops for non-slip positioning, 23" straight edge and rest, 2 adjustable angle rests and an oil well. Use it to create geometrics cuts fast!

Part #CSG-BB

The Flying Beetle Glass Cutter is designed for use with the Beetle Bit Glass Cutting System.  All you need to do is press down on the button to engage the carbide cutting wheel with the glass. The Flying Beetle glides effortlessly back and forth on the straight edge bar. The bright colored pointer is in direct alignment with the lines of The Waffle Grid so you will know exactly where the score line is going to be.

Part #CSG-F

Omni-Directional Glass Stops

Angle Guide & Angle Duplicator
Make glass working easier with Omni-Directional Glass Stops. Plug in modules act as stops to keep your glass in place. For precision alignment use with Waffle Grids. Pack of 2.

 The Angle Guide plugs directly into your Waffle Grid and stabilizes glass to produce perfect 45 and 60 degree cuts for equilateral or right triangles, or to divide a circle perfectly in half. Use the Angle Duplicator to copy any angle and align the cutting bar of your Beetle Bits System for precision pieces. Designed for right or left handed use. Can also be used with Strip Pro, Circle Pro 12 and the Morton Portable Glass Shop. Complete instructions included.

Part #CSG-AG

Friction Buttons

Speed Balls
Place them in your Waffle Grid to keep glass from slipping.

Place them in your Waffle Grid for easier sliding of glass. Just place speed balls in line with your score.

Part #CSG-SB

Cutter Cozy

Cutting Oil Station
The Cutter Cozy is a foam cushioned cutter grip that fits over your glass cutter for a more comfortable hold. The Cutter Cozy fits Supercutter and Scoremaster cutters.

Part #CC1
The Cutting Station that does not spill over and will support your cutter.  Your cutter will not rust or corrode while being stored in the cutting oil station, plus the station has a cap when it is not holding your cutter.  You will save the cost of the oil well in spilled cutting oil!


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