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Copper Foil Working Tools

Pattern Shears for Copper Foil Work
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Pattern Shears for Copper Foil Work

Our highest quality pattern shears made for the copper foil technique. Made by Fan Out, a Japanese company known for superior quality tools, these foil shears feature stainless steel blades and contoured handles. The three-bladed scissors cut a 1/32" space between your pattern templates allowing for the thickness of the copper foil. The blades cut stiff paper such as oak tag without crimping the edges of the pattern pieces.

Part #4007-FO-F

Inland Foil Pattern Shears
Use to cut apart patterns for projects assembled with copper foil method and insure your project fits together perfect fit every time.

Part #4007-IA-F

Designed by a stained glass artist, these copper foil pattern shears make cutting your patterns easier by having the bulk of the shears below the paper when cutting. Spring-loaded action automatically opens the shears after every stroke for less fatigue and faster operation. Works equally well for "lefties" or "righties".

Part #4007-I-F


Pattern shears for copper foil profile. Cut your copper foil work cartoons out accurately and with confidence with these shears. In use they cut away a 1 mm wide strip along the cutline leaving an accurate template allowing for the heart thickness of the copper foil.

Part #4007-M-F


One shear for both lead and foil work, 1/16" and 1/32".
Easily interchange blades without the use of any tool. These special triple blade shears have been specifically designed for stained glass use. The middle blade will remove the proper amount from the pattern to allow for the thickness of the foil or the heart of the lead.

Part #4007-M

Copper Foiling Tools


Diegel Foiler

The Diegel foiler is the leading foiler in the stained glass industry. Constructed of durable plastic and Brass components, the Diegel foiler is the only foiler with a lifetime warranty and parts and workmanship.
Reels hold all foil sizes - 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4".
Adjustable guide pin can center or off-center the foil.
Paper backing automatically peels off and is guided
into rear for disposal. Smallest rollers in the industry.
Applies foil to small inside curves (down to 5/16" radius).

Part #HM-500


 Inland Edgemaster Foiler

Make foiling pieces faster and easier. The EdgeMaster Foiler™ will apply, center, and crimp your foil all in one step!
Key Features
Applies foil evenly and then uniformly crimps the foil so all you have to do is burnish.  Automatically peels the back off the foil as you work. Accommodates the most popular sizes of copper foil: 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4".  Glass guides keep the glass perfectly straight for even foil application but flip out of the way when not needed.  Fully adjustable tension wheels keep the foil perfectly tensioned while working and keeps the roll from spinning out of control.

Part #IM-2
  Glastar Glasfoiler

A remarkable time-saver engineered to speed up and simplify copper foiling. Faster than hand foiling, you can apply foil to glass edges in half the time-or less.
The Glasfoiler™ accepts 3 sizes of foil: 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4"; and can dispense 2 different sizes at the same time.

Part #FM-1


Table Foiler

The KWC Table Foiler is a portable tool dispenses that applies and crimps foil in one smooth process. Unlike other foiling machines and tools, it provides a flat, sturdy worksurface that adds control for even the most intricate foiling projects. This tool is perfect for all skill levels including beginners. For advanced crafters, your foiling time will be reduced greatly. For those with arthritis or eye-hand coordination problems, the added support and control will amaze you.  Includes interchangable rollers for 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4" foil. Complete with step-by-step instructions that also provides tips and troubleshooting advice for better foiling.

Part #TBL-1

Glastar Hand Foilers

These Hand Foilers are the perfect tool for automatically and accurately centering and applying the foil to the edge of a piece of glass.
Available in three sizes: 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4".

Part #          Description

GF-3/16       For 3/16” Tape
GF-7/32       For 7/32” Tape
GF-1/4         For 1/4” Tape

Glastar Hand Foiler

After applying the foil, use the Glastar Foil Crimper to quickly and easily fold the copper foil around the edges of the glass.
Designed for 1/8" thick art glass.

Part #GC-1

  Kwik Crimp  

This durable plastic crimper makes burnishing task a breeze.  After foiling the piece of glass, slightly push down the foil on all sides and 'crunch' the corners. Then slide the piece of foiled glass through the Kwik-Crimp fingers. With one swipe, the foil is strongly adhered to the sides of the glass and the foil is ready for soldering.

Part #KC-1
    Foilmate Roller

The Foilmate Roller by do-it-yourself artist, Vicki Payne. Speeds foiling as it crimps, burnishes, and smooths foil onto the glass

Part #4026

  Flat Lathekin

Made of durable nylon, used for smoothing edge foil foil tightly to the glass prior to soldering.

Part #4019

  Copper Foil Caddy

Tired of having your supply of copper foil ending up looking like a plate of spaghetti? The Copper Foil Dispenser holds seven sizes of foil plus scissors, knife, etc. Keeps foil neat, organized and easy to use. A must for all copper enthusiasts.

Part #FD-2

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