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Franciscan Glass Tools for Working with Lead

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Lead Cutting Tools


Ask any professional; Fan Out lead dykes are the best dykes money can buy. Ultra sharp blades that out last any other lead dyke and cut lead came without crushing the profile. The high quality lead dykes feature spring-loaded, plastic coated handles for hours of comfortable use. Adjustable screw limits the depth of the cut if desired. The professional choice! Not to be used for cutting any other metal.

Part #FO-7


 “PRO” Lead Dykes

6-1/4" long. Superior construction, made from excellent materials with attention to detail. Non-slip handles and a 3/4" cutting tip ground shear on one side ensure clean cuts on lead came.

Part #4120-PRO



This is the knife that pros use. With finer quality steel blade that keeps its edge, lead nail setting hammer on top side, and a rosewood handle.

Part #FO-4



Student quality knife.
Sharp cutting edge for easy cutting with hammer on top side for setting of lead nails.

Part #4003-PRO

Pattern Shears for Lead Work


Fan Out's pattern shears are the highest quality shears available. Their shears don't crimp your pattern paper when cutting. Lead came pattern shears for lead came assembly cut a 1/16" space between the pattern templates allowing for the "heart" of the came. The secret to using pattern shears is to use the rear of the blades when cutting severe curves. Use the complete length of the shears when cutting straight lines.

Part #4007-FO-L



Designed by a stained glass artist, these lead came pattern shears make cutting your patterns easier by having the bulk of the shears below the paper when cutting. Spring-loaded action automatically opens the shears after every stroke for less fatigue and faster operation. Works equally well for "lefties" or "righties".

Part #4007-I-L



Use to cut apart patterns for projects assembled with lead came method and insure your project fits together perfect fit every time.

Part #4007-I-L




One shear for both lead and foil work, 1/16" and 1/32".
Easily interchange blades without the use of any tool. These special triple blade shears have been specifically designed for stained glass use. The middle blade will remove the proper amount from the pattern to allow for the thickness of the foil or the heart of the lead.

Part #4007-M


  Inland Lead Pattern Shears
Use to cut apart patterns for projects assembled with lead came method and insure your project fits together perfect fit every time.

Part #4007-IA-L

Lead Vises and Stretchers


Spring loaded lead vise  Used for stretching the lead prior to use.

Part #4006A


Lead Vise

Without spring Used for stretching the lead prior to use.

Part #4025


The Stanton Stretcher™

Makes the tedious job of stretching lead effortless in a studio of any size. Comes with a table top lead vise that can be attached approximately 70 inches from the Stanton Stretcher™.

Part #LS


Adjustable Rail System

Works with your Stanton Stretcher
ä to help you stretch lead of any length. The sliding lead vise allows you to stretch a piece of lead from 4" to 6' and anywhere in between.

Part #LS-R

Zinc Bender & Notching Tool

Came Bender

The hand tool which will bend brass, copper, and zinc into circles or ovals. The came bender will bend the border channels, flat H's, and round H's in the three separate groves of the tool. You can make circles three inches wide and larger. It will not bend the single sided U channel.

Part #ZB-1
Lil Notcher

The hand tool that cuts a perfect notch out of both sides of a single sided U channel with a simple push on the handle. There are two notches available. One cuts a perfect 90° notch while the other notcher cuts a perfect 45° notch. They are not interchangeable. The notcher is not designed to notch border or H's channels.

Part #LN-90  90° Notch
Part #LN-45  45° Notch

Miscellaneous Tools for Lead Work

Morton Glass Works
Miter Box

Zinc cutting Pregrooved
45 & 90 degree cuts

Part #ZM01

Glazing Hammer

Double Side
Hard plastic striker
Soft rubber striker

Part #4021 

Horse Shoe Nail

For holding lead in place during construction. Flat side prevents dents in lead.

Part #4010
Box of 100 pcs.

Plastic Lathekin

Multi-functional tool, used
to spread lead channels,you will find many other uses
for this tool. 

Part #4127


Steel Cleaning Brush

Tooth brush size for cleaning lead prior to soldering.


Part #4012-S
Small Putty Brush

Applying putty into lead
Available in natural tampico or plastic bristles.

Part #4014A      Plastic

Part #4014B     Tampico
Large Putty Brush

For final cleaning and polishing of lead.  Natural tampico bristles do best job polishing lead to black color without damaging the lead.

Part #4014

Pzaz Luster Brush

Natural bristles
Uses standard drill motor Faster cleaning. Less arm and sholder fatigue.

Replacement brush also available. 

Part #4017 Brush w/arbor

Part #4017R  Rep. Brush
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