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Replacement Grinder Bits


Glastar Replacement Bits

There is no comparison when it comes Glastar's grinding heads. They outperform and outlast all other heads three to one!  The secret is our unique diamond bonding that eliminates peeling, creating a uniform surface that lasts.

Glastar's standard grinding heads are available in 1/8", 1/4", 3/4" and 1" sizes. 5/8" Size available for the Starlet grinder.




Part #        Description

GB-1          1” Bit with Standard 100 Grit
GB-1F        1” Bit with Fine 220 Grit
GB-1C        1” Bit with Coarse 60 Grit



Part #        Description

GB-3/4       ¾” Bit with Standard  100 Grit
GB-3/4F     ¾” Bit with Fine 220 Grit
GB-3/4C     ¾” Bit with Coarse 60 Grit


Part #    Description

GB-1/4    1/4” Bit with Standard 100 Grit
GB-1/4F   1/4” Bit with Fine 220 Grit

Part Number       Description

GB-1/8F              1/8” Bit with Fine 220 Grit

Part #  GB-A  Glastar Adapter Head

5/8” Grinder Bit

Fits Glastar Starlet Grinders ONLY

Part #         Description

GB-5/8        5/8” Bit with Standard 100 Grit

GB-5/8F      5/8” Bit with Fine 220 Grit


 Glastar Specialty Bits




Ripple Bit

The Glastar Ripple Bit is designed to grind down the rippled edged glass to make it easier to wrap the edges with copper foil

Part #GB-3/4R


Radius Head

The Radius Head is designed to grind the edges to half round shape.

Part #GB-3/4RD       Standard 100 Grit

Part #GB-3/4RDF     Fine 220 Grit


Lamp Head

The Lamp Head is designed to put a slight miter on the back edge of the glass to make the glass fit more tightly when constructing on a lamp form.

Part #GB-3/4L         Standard 100 Grit

Part #GB-3/4LF          Fine 220 Grit

Jewelry Head

The Jewelry Head is designed to put a groove around the edges of fused glass pieces to prepare them for wire wrapping.

Part #GB-J


  Bead Reaming Heads

The Bead Reaming Heads are designed to clean out sludge left inside of bead.  Available in 2 sizes, 2mm & 3mm.

Part #GB-BM2          2mm Reamer

Part #GB-BM3          3mm Reamer


Inland Grinding Bits


All Inland grinder bits are plated in our ISO9001:2000 facility in Michigan. Because we plate our own diamond products we can offer the absolute best drums at better prices than anyone else. The diamond coating on your Inland drum will never peel from the drum or we'll replace it for free for the life of the diamonds. You will never need to knock off the "bunchings" on an Inland bit--we don't call them "bunchings', we call them "defects" and our Quality Control system eliminates them.



Part #           Description

WB-9             1” Standard 100 Grit

WB-9S           1” Speed Bit 80 Grit

WB-9UF         1” Ultra Fine 600 Grit

WB-9SB         1” Super Bond-Longer Lasting Standard 100 Grit


Part #                   Description

WB-1                     3/4” Standard 100 Grit

WB-1S                   3/4” Speed Bit 80 Grit

WB-1UF                 3/4” Ultra Fine 600 Grit

WB-1SB                 3/4” Super Bond-Longer Lasting Standard 100 Grit


Part #          Description

WB-8           1/4” Standard 100 Grit

WB-8S          1/4” Speed Bit 80 Grit


Combination Bit 1/4” & 3/4” in one bit.

Part #WB-6


  Makes it easy to foil, lead, shape and use textured glasses and materials in your projects.

Part #WB-1R



LampBit with 9° and 18° Miter make lamps and other three dimensional projects fit better and look more professional!


  Use Inland diamond jewelry bits to grind a groove around the outside of your materials for wire wrapping of beads, buttons, cabochons and more!

Inland Drop On Bits

The DropOn™ Bit system makes changing between diamond grinding bit sizes or grits quick and easy and are more economical to own than standard grinding bits.

The DropOn™ adapter is made with a "keyway" on the outer diameter into which the sleeve "keybar" fits. The two parts interlock while the grinder is on and easily separate when the motor is turned off.


The InvisibleSponge™ DropOn™ system combines sponge-less coolant feed with the convenience of DropOn™ bits. You get better coolant dellivery and changing bits or grits takes just seconds, no allen wrenches or tools required! The InvisibleSponge™ system eliminates all the problems associated with sponges: repositioning them, having them jam up the bit, and less than optimum lubrication while grinding.



Part #       Description

IA-40901  1” Drop on Bit Standard 100 Grit

IA-40902   1" Drop on Speed Bit 80 Grit

IA-40903   1” Drop on Bit Fine 220 Grit



Part #       Description

IA-40101   3/4” Drop on Bit Standard 100 Grit

IA-40102   3/4” Drop on Speed Bit 80 Grit

IA-40103   3/4” Drop on Bit Fine 220 Grit



Part #         Description

IA-40111     3/4” Drop on Bit Standard 100 Grit

IA-40112     3/4” Drop on Speed Bit 80 Grit

IA-40113     3/4” Drop on Bit Fine 220 Grit



 Gryphon Slip-On Bit

Gryphon Slip-On grinder bits are the industry's easiest bits to change. An ingeniously designed diamond coated sleeve slips over a special adapter that fits most grinders.

To change a bit, you simply lift the old bit off and slide a new bit on. No tools or levers are required and the bit stays firmly in place until it is time to change it. Available as 120 standard grit in 1" and 3/4" diameters.

This pack contains a 1" grinding head and a 3/4" grinding head plus two adapters.

Part #SB-K

1” Slip-On Bit 2-Pack

Part #                              Description

SB-1S                              1” 2-Pack Standard Grit

SB-1F                              1” 2-Pack Fine Grit

SB-1SP                             1” 2-Pack Super Power Grit

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